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    Developing New Frontiers for Interventional Treatment of Structural Heart Diseases in China

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    The first Chinese transfemoral mitral valve clip product approved by the NMPA

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    A product with guaranteed quality and performance manufactured through meticulous processes

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  • 2015

    Founded in 2015, Valgen Medtech Co., Ltd. established its headquarters in Hangzhou High-Tech Zone (Binjiang) Hangzhou and set up an R&D center in Shenzhen. The company's office and manufacturing site cover a floor space of nearly 10,000 square meters.

  • 500+

    Valgen Medtech specializes in the collaboration between hospitals and medical device manufacturers to provide integrated interventional treatment solutions to patients with bicuspid and tricuspid diseases. Valgen has applied for more than 500 patents worldwide for fundamental principles, core solutions, and/or key innovations of its products of which 150 of the patents have been granted.

  • 280+

    Valgen Medtech has employed more than 280 researchers, medical specialists, technicians, and manufacturing workers throughout China, nearly 20% of which are high-end talents with master's or doctoral degrees.

  • 5+

    Three of its products have passed NMPA's special review for innovative medical devices, and five of its products have been officially marketed.


DragonFly™Transcatheter Mitral Valve Repair System

Valgen Medtech's core product, DragonFly™ Transcatheter Mitral Valve Repair System, is the first Chinese proprietary transfemoral transcatheter edge-to-edge mitral valve repair device approved by the NMPA. 

Applicable to a wide range of anatomies, it is easy to operate for safe, controllable, and precise clipping.Its innovative design provides a safer and more effective solution for surgical high-risk senile patients; moreover, it requires significantly shorter postoperative hospital stays and rehabilitation times and offers a superior treatment option for patients with mitral regurgitation.

Pu Jie Jie™Medical Radiation Protective Shield

A green shield that protects doctors from intraoperative X ray irradiation during interventional ultrasonographic procedures in the catheterization room.

Magpie™Balloon Dilatation Catheter

A non-compliant balloon dilatation catheter suitable for native valve dilation of cardio-aortic aortic valves.

DragonPath™Transseptal Puncture System

For creating access to the left heart via transfemoral vein transseptal puncture into the left atrium.

Firework™ Stiff Guidewires

Suitable for cardiovascular (coronary exclusive) interventional diagnostics and treatment procedures, especially interventional procedures for delivery devices into blood vessels, and positioning/establishing access to blood vessels.


Four clip sizes


Independent grasping


Readable indicators and rotary knobs


Central filler


Adjustable clipping angle


Unique catheter design


Innovative R&D

Abiding by the scientific philosophy of "Collaborations of Industry, Academia, Research, and Application", Valgen Medtech always gives priority to saving the lives of patients and improving the quality of life of patients in its constant exploration of the improvement of new technology and new applications and sharpening of the industry's core competitive edge to provide technology support to Chinese innovative medical devices.

  • Artificial chordae tendineae implantation system with position detection device
  • Artificial chordae tendineae implantation system with negative pressure device
  • Artificial chordae tendineae implantation system with auxiliary clipping device
  • A lockpin and interventional remote suture locking device for locking and tightening of sutures
  • Valve clipping devices and valve clipping systems
  • A heart valve prosthesis and its stent, and heart valve prosthesis replacement system
  • Absorbable suture system
  • An atrioventricular valve clipping device and atrioventricular valve clipping system
  • Zhejiang Technology-oriented Small- and Medium-sized Enterprise Certificate
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