Valgen Medtech DragonFly™ Protects the Cardiac Ostium of My Loved One


A photo of Professor Wang Jian’an and the patient

"I am lucky to have benefited from DragonFly™. I felt relieved when I knew I was to be treated with Dinova Medtech products by Professor Wang Jian' an and his team. " This patient is a very close relative of a founding investor of Dinova Medtech. He is in his 70s and has just undergone a mitral valve repair procedure with the DragonFly™ mitral valve clip system, developed by Valgen Medtech, a subsidiary of the Dinova Medtech Group.

Professor Wang Jian'an and his team at the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine (SAHZU) had completed a mitral valve repair procedure on a 71-year-old dilated cardiomyopathy patient using the Valgen Medtech DragonFly™ mitral valve clip system on April 15, 2021. The patient was admitted to the hospital two months ago for paroxysmal chest pain with dyspnea that did not resolve after medication and implantation with a pacemaker. He is a high-risk patient with mitral regurgitation; but his peculiarity lies in him being a close relative of Mr. Shen Zhenjun, a founder investor of Dinova Medtech.


Professor Wang Jian'an and his team at SAHZU and Professor Scott Lim at the University of Virginia Medical Center and Professor Lin Yixian at HK Asia Medical Center performed a rigorous pre-operative assessment of the patient and found the patient was at a high risk of severe left heart failure. The surgical team reached the consensus that the best treatment option for the patient was transcatheter mitral valve edge-to-edge repair procedure with the DragonFly™ mitral valve clip system. The patient and his relatives are very confident in Dinova Medtech products.


"To be honest, I was somewhat concerned about this investigational product during the clinical trial phase. Some friends of mine were also concerned about the new technique and they advised me to consider other treatment methods, for example, a procedure with Mitraclip, which is a mature product. However, I have confidence in Dinova Medtech and its product development and manufacturing team and Professor Wang Jian'an and his team." Said the patient in a post-operative communication meeting.


Valgen Medtech's mitral valve team was moved by the patient's confidence and they were just as conscientious in the process as always. "Upon receiving this task, I was moved and proud. It is a token of recognition of and support for our team, and we took it on as our own responsibility. It has always been our team's tenet that our products can be used on our loved ones without hesitation. We are confident in the design and quality of our products!" said General Manager Zhang Tingchao of Valgen Medtech after the operation.


DragonFly™ proved to be trustworthy and the surgical process was successful. The patient's regurgitation decreased immediately during the operation and he was discharged on post-operative Day 4 after rehabilitation. The result was a great affirmation of the safety profile of the DragonFly™ device and our teamwork.


In a communication meeting before his discharge, the patient said: "I would like to thank Professor Wang Jian'an and his team and Valgen team for their efforts; I believe that more and more people will accept this new technology in the near future and more and more mitral regurgitation patients like me will benefit from this technology. It brings new hope to us."


As a manufacturer of cardiac medical devices and innovator, Valgen Medtech is true to its original aspiration (Made in China to Benefit the World) and trustworthy in every step of its product R&D process and every step of its promotion of the advancement of structural heart disease therapy.